Wandering the calli and campi of Venice on our annual trip, I hit upon the idea of finding a travel organizer for my son - at the time, he was busy planning a special family holiday to the USA for later that year. A search began and for two days, I wandered the narrow alleyways determined to find an organizer that could hold all our passports, currency, hotel bookings, table reservations, car hire, insurance documents, visas and even store our car keys safely.

Museums, churches, palazzi were all ignored in my quest and Venice, famous for leather goods and small individual shops that cater for every need, was unable to deliver. Travel wallets were plentiful, but nothing was available that would hold all the essentials needed for modern day travel.

On my return, I tasked my son with searching the internet to track down my dream of a travel organizer that met all my requirements. Again the search proved fruitless and I realised there was a gap in the market and an opportunity to turn my dream into a reality, not just for my travels but for anyone who travels frequently and likes to be organized.

Therefore, I embarked on what has turned out to be a two year journey and after hitting many dead ends, I eventually found a manufacturer, who agreed to make a prototype. At least six prototypes later, the Travel Org was launched. I have tried and tested the various prototypes on numerous occasions until the Travel Org was perfected. When I travel, I now know where all my information is, I am not dipping in and out of my handbag searching for passports/boarding passes and when I arrive at my destination, I have all the necessary documents/currency to hand and then simply place the Travel Org in my hotel safe to ensure peace of mind.

The Travel Org works for a family, a couple or an individual. Its sleek design enables it to slide into hand luggage with ease, its wrist strap keeps it secure and the various compartments/inserts provide numerous document filing solutions. At the back, its unique extending, zipped passport pouch means you don’t need to constantly open and close your Travel Org when going through checkpoints. And when you get home, your Travel Org is placed back into its box and you know that all your travel essentials are in one place ready for your next trip.

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